• Tamarind, Plum, Oak, Dark Chocolate
$ 33.50 | 8 oz
Grind Pick from our 9 grinds

Process: Natural

Notes: Tamarind, Plum, Oak, Dark Chocolate

Variety: Tabi

Region: Santander

Altitude: 1,900 m

Size: 8 ounces

Oscar Daza’s sprawling organic farm in Santander and its 90 hectares of coffee is a marvel among the hundreds of farms we’ve visited in Colombia. Large man-made pools are turned into water treatment facilities, and waste from the thousands of chickens raised on the farm is used as organic fertilizer for the coffee trees. As a result, Daza says absolutely none of the water used in the coffee’s various processes is contaminated, and 100% of the organic fertilizer used comes from the farm itself. Not only is Daza’s farm one of the most productive we’ve ever seen, but it also produces fantastic organic coffees that have a very low environmental impact.

La Pradera - Organic is a natural process with deep notes of tamarind, dark chocolate and plum with a distinct oak note reminiscent of red wine.