• Nectarine, Raspberry, Lemongrass, Anise, Cocoa Butter
$ 25.75 | 12 oz
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Process: Washed 

Notes: Nectarine, Raspberry, Lemongrass, Anise, Cocoa Butter

Variety: Castillo and Típica

Region: Casanare

Altitude: 1,700 m

Size: 12 ounces

Casanare is a department known for its sprawling lowland plains, but the town of La Salina is one of the last villages on the journey down from the nearby snow-capped El Cocuy peak all the way to the nearly sea-level plains to the east. This vast, incredibly sparsely populated region was a stronghold for guerrillas for decades, and coffee farmer Pedro Medina has battled obstacles from conflict, to lack of resources and most importantly logistical issues to produce specialty coffee. Our most inaccessible coffee yet, our buying team was the first to ever reach Medina’s town after a 14-hour trek

With fruity and floral notes of nectarine, raspberry and lemongrass and a distinct anise fragrance, La Salina has a rich body and an excellent balance between sweetness and acidity.


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