$ 84.00 | 12 oz
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Long thought to be a mutation of the ancestral Borbón varietal common in Colombia, Rosado was found in 2020 to in fact be an Ethiopian species of coffee now native to Huila whose arrival to the Americas baffles scientists worldwide. Our trio box set showcases this gem of Colombian coffee in three different processes in order to truly display the effect each process has in final cupping. 

La Florida - Washed is a coffee that has the sweet and fruity components common in the Rosado varietal such as pear, watermelon and brown sugar, but with a crispness and clarity that is emblematic of a Colombian washed process.

La Florida - Honey is a perfect example of a honey process, somewhere between the clarity of a washed and the full body and complexity of a natural, with deep notes of maple syrup and blackberry and a prominent floral note.

Villa Betulia - Natural rounds out the trio box with a dense mouthfeel and a stunning complexity that includes notes such as red wine, blueberry, cinnamon and chocolate and showcases the variety of profound wine-and-liquor-like notes common in naturals, as well as a deep and fruity richness.