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LA PALMA - Devocion Coffee
LA PALMA - Devocion Coffee LA PALMA - Devocion Coffee LA PALMA - Devocion Coffee

$ 32.00

Limited Edition New
Grind: Whole Bean

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Pineapple, Cherry, Cinnamon, Cloves

Pink Borbon


1,600 mts.


The mysterious varietal known as Pink Borbon is thought to be a naturally occurring variation of Borbon that comes from San Adolfo, Huila, just a few miles away from where farmer Edil Dorado grows it in his 1,600-meter high farm Finca La Palma. Although it’s made its way to other regions of Colombia, the Pink Borbon is rumored to have a natural resistance against coffee rust—a fungus that can devastate entire lots of susceptible coffee varietals. Notable apart from this resistance, however, is its excellence in final cupping, something which makes this rare varietal very sought after.

   La Palma is an outstandingly fruit-forward coffee, with notes of pineapple and cherry that give it a tart yet tropical acidity, and a range of spice flavors and aromas that make it an approachably sweet yet complex single estate.


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