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Catiope - La Rivera

$ 50.00 Limited Edition New

Catiope - La Rivera | Devoción
Catiope - La Rivera | Devoción Catiope - La Rivera | Devoción Catiope - La Rivera | Devoción

$ 50.00

Limited Edition New


Strawberry, Red Apple, Rose Hips



1750 mts.


Even in Colombia’s coffee-growing axis, among a host of high-profile and successful coffee farms, Finca La Rivera stands out as one of the most technically advanced. Here, farmer Andrés Quiceno is one of only a handful of Colombian cultivators to grow the Catiope varietal. Studying every detail from the frequency of the blossoming periods to leaf production to the profile of the cherries on the tree, Quiceno strives for maximum traceability and perfection of the process in this rare varietal all the way from seed to cup.
When Devoción roasts this single estate, we find a distinctly red fruit tartness reminiscent of strawberry and red apple, with delicate floral notes of rose hips that make this coffee a prime example of the difference this level of technical precision on farm level can have.

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