• Nectarine, Blue Oolong Tea, Orange Blossom, Panela
$ 22.50 | 12 oz
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Producer: Gladys Sanabria

Process: Washed

Notes: Nectarine, Blue Oolong Tea, Orange Blossom, Panela

Variety: Castillo

Region: Cundinamarca

Altitude: 1,700 m

Size: 12 ounces 

Gladys Sanabria is a coffee farmer and entrepreneur who owns a farm in San Bernardo, Cundinamarca named La Torreladera. She comes from a long line of coffee farmers, despite the trend of agricultural families migrating to urban centers. Having to grow up facing violence and extortion, opinions that women shouldn't own and run farms and other serious obstacles that have caused her to uproot her previous life and move to another place, she is steadfast in the belief that there is nothing a woman can't do that a man can do, a belief that has made her the businessperson she is today. 

La Torreladera is an especially citric and floral limited edition with notes of nectarine, orange blossom and panela and a delicate blue oolong note. 

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