• Blackberry, Cacao, Walnut, Jasmine
$ 31.50 | 12 oz
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Process: Natural

Notes: Blackberry, Cacao, Walnut, Jasmine

Variety: Colombia and Caturra

Region: Tolima

Altitude: 1,780 m

Size: 12 ounces

Uber Quintero is a coffee farmer from Gaitania, Tolima whose 3-hectare farm, El Danubio, grows varietals like Caturra, Colombia, Gesha and Pink Borbón. He's careful not to use chemical agents, and fertilizes using compost he creates himself from organic material on the farm. This year he began experimenting with natural process at the nearby farm of La Roma, and the results in final cupping have been spectacular. 

La Vista is a natural process whose notes tend toward deep fruit notes rather than the typical chocolates of a natural, with notes of blackberry and cacao fruit, a distinct nuttiness and a delicate jasmine note that makes this coffee well-rounded, complex and full of sweetness.

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