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Devoción 2015 Sustainability Report

Toward an environmentally smart production

Our purpose goes beyond the economic benefit to ensure:

Excellent coffee for our customers... A fair price for our producers... The protection of our coffee landscape, where it all begins.

Our mission is to establish our brand as the first true farm-to-cup roasters, while maintaining high standards of sustainability and providing the best ancestral varieties of coffee from Colombia. The land, coffee growers and communities that make up these landscapes are essential to achieving our company’s short and long- term goals. The skills acquired to bring the best coffee from the farm to your cup means that our value chain has achieved the highest excellence, while protecting the environment and improving production systems.

We develop long-term relationships with farmers, paying above fair trade while establishing social and environmental programs to help secure their future. We bring progress and pride to the coffee producers in these regions that have suffered for so long in Colombia’s long-standing armed conflict. In Colombia, coffee is harvested throughout the year, all of our beans are dry milled in Bogota and subsequently sent overnight to our shop in the U.S.A. to be roasted and distributed. This means we can guarantee coffee that is not just freshly roasted, but is also fresh in its green state, so that the cup you hold in your hands still breathe the air of the Colombian campo.

For us, Devoción is not just a pretty name, It represents our passion and dedication to help bring harmony to our country and put the best and freshest coffees in your hands.

Steve Sutton, Founder & CEO

Salomon Winograd, Sustainability Manager

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