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$ 25.75 Limited Edition

Tibacuy Tibacuy

$ 25.75

Limited Edition

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Mango, Sugar Cane, Raspberries, Chocolate and Nutmeg

Heirloom Arabica, Caturra, Tipica


1800 mts.


Our new Tibacuy is a coffee cultivated in a Cundinamarca municipality of the same name by producer José Audí, whose heirloom Arabica, Caturra and Tipica coffee cherries were hand-picked by Devoción and transported to our drying patio in nearby Nilo. Once there, and with an average temperature of 20 degrees warmer than in Tibacuy, our team is able to sun-dry the freshly picked cherries using the natural process that keeps that pulp and skin that house the coffee bean intact. This allows, over the course of several weeks, for the berry’s natural sugars to develop and sink deep into the bean. The process can create a much wider flavor and aroma palette than traditional washed or honey processed coffee, resulting in a bolder, more expressive cup with a wider mouthfeel.

Our drying patio project not only helps us have a highly unique level of control over the coffee production process but also provides sustainability for the farm workers in the region who collect the coffee cherries and manage the patio’s processes.

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