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This year, in celebration of Earth Day, we committed to planting trees at origin. This initiative is part of our continued sustainability efforts and dedication to reforestation, promoting biodiversity, and preserving coffee ecosystems of our network of producer partners.

On June 3rd, 12 Devoción employees travelled to Gachetá, Cundinamarca, about 2 hours northeast of the Colombian capital Bogotá, for a volunteer event where we donated over 150 fruit trees to coffee producers from one of our best and most consistent coffee-producing associations called ASOFINCAS.

ASOFINCAS is an association of coffee growers based in Gachetá and surrounding regions. The region suffered economically due to decades of Colombian conflict and violence as many people abandoned their farms in search of a better life in Bogotá. Recently, there has been a surge of investment from both private and public organizations to improve the agriculture and coffee production quality in the area, reviving the coffee economy. ASOFINCAS is now one of Devoción’s most reliable and consistent supplier for quality specialty coffee.

Among the fruit trees donated were orange, mandarine, avocado, lime, guava, mango and soursop trees. The tree varieties were selected by members of the coffee association after an initial diagnostic to determine which trees are most suitable for the local climate, soil, and environment. In addition to providing shade for the coffee plants on the farms, these fruit-bearing trees will provide an additional source of income to the farmers with every harvest.

After distributing the trees to the coffee producers, our team proceeded to help three different farmers plant them on their land. This invaluable experience allowed the team to interact with the coffee growers and their families and learn about their culture and lifestyle. Additionally, this hands-on initiative allowed us to have direct contact with nature and carry out work that contributes to the region’s environmental sustainability.

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