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We will work with you to design a coffee program that is unique to your needs and meets your goals and expectations.

We will help you on the layout of your coffee service area and bar flow to get the most efficient workflow. We provide tastings of the different varieties we offer until you find the drip and espresso that you, your staff and your customers will love.

We will provide assistance in helping you design the best coffee menu to fit your needs.


High-quality Coffee requires high-quality service

Technical support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

There is never a charge for the labor done on your machines, provided you are consuming our minimum order of coffee a week or sign an exclusivity agreement.

We will visit your establishment on a monthly basis to clean and perform maintenance on all your coffee equipment. 

We provide troubleshooting and one-sheet maintenance documents so that your staff is better equipped to solve any issue that may arise. 

Education and Consulting

We offer varying levels of training for baristas and staff that will be handling coffee. The training consists of 5 courses, each 2 hours in length. We also provide advanced classes for more high-skilled barista positions and shift leaders.

We offer ongoing training for all future hires that will be han­dling coffee, meaning all your staff will be fully trained on a consistent basis, regardless of staff turnover.

For servers, cashiers and other non-baristas in the organiza­tion, we offer a program focused on knowledge of the product for sales rather than coffee training.

We visit your locations on a monthly basis to check barista per­formance and make sure they are up to our rigorous standards.

As long as you are an exclusive client, we provide bar flow, equipment positioning, and menu creation consultations.

We also offer consultations for the purchase of coffee equip­ment, which includes financing options.

Exclusive Farm Program

Gain exclusive access to a micro-lot farm in the high moun­tains of Colombia that uses only the finest coffee varietals and processing methods with Devocion's new Exclusive Farm Program.

This program allows us to pair you with an exclusive micro-lot farm in Colombia that cultivates coffee made only for your business. Whatever flavor profile, aromas or varietals you are looking for in your coffee, we will find a match within our network of hundreds of small-scale farms to which no other company outside of Colombia has access. We then set up a rela­tionshp between you and the farmer that goes far beyond the limitations of direct or fair trade, allowing direct communi­cation and even control in cultivation and processing.

This unprecedented program gives your company operational oversight, ensures 100% traceability and even affords you the opportunity to travel to your exclusive farm in Colombia. Com­bined with Devocio.n's unique ability to consistently go from green to roast in 10 days, we're able to provide a level of both freshness and access that is unparalleled across the industry.


For more information on our wholesale program, contact us at: (718) 285-6180 or email us at

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