You’ve been drinking months-old coffee, but Devoción is changing that.


  • Devoción

    10-45 days
  • Plane

    We buy and process our beans direct at origin, to be processed at our facility in Bogotá, Colombia and quickly send them to our roaster in Brooklyn.

  • Roaster

    A few days later the beans arrive in Brooklyn, to be freshly roasted and served as quick as possible.

  • Your Cup

    We are the only company in the world that roasts true farm-fresh coffee only 10 days after leaving origin.

  • Others

    150-365 days
  • Exporter

    A third party buy and processes the beans from the farms, to begin the long journey to your cup.

  • Boat

    The exporter then ships the coffee beans to a port, loading it to a vessel that will slowly cross the seas.

  • Importer

    After arriving at the destination, the coffee beans are picked up by an importer.

  • Warehouse

    The importer will house the green beans at a warehouse for months.

  • Roaster

    After a long journey and a really long wait, the roaster is finally ready to roast and package the coffee for sale.

  • Your Cup

    The freshly roasted old beans finally reach your cup.

taste the difference in a single sip

Colombian-born Steven Sutton launched Devoción in 2006 to produce the freshest coffee imaginable — roasting provides only half of coffee’s flavor, while mere freshness of the beans does the rest of the work. And yet, most coffee beans sit around for months, losing flavor every day. That’s why the Devoción team does everything short of picking the cherry, and do it faster than anyone else — we hand-select our 1,000+ farm partners, dry-mill at our Bogotá facility, control the export process, and roast in Brooklyn.