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How we average 10 days from origin to cup

What is green coffee?

Coffee is known as a bean, but it’s actually the seed of a cherry.
400 of its 1,000+ components directly contribute to the flavor
and aroma profiles in brewed coffee.






Heat, humidity, and pressure affect the living seed germ, causing it to respirate faster and introduce more oxygen to the bean. This oxidization leads to the dissipation of the coffee’s flavor and aromatic components, meaning the sooner you roast, the less oxidation that occurs and the more potent these components remain.


Green-to-cup timeline


Our beans are sourced from farms we hand-select from within the vast untamed regions of Colombia.

Dry Mill: Day 1

Dry milling is the process of removing the parchment. Here, the coffee enters the “green stage”—and the race to get the beans to the roaster begins!

FedEx to NYC: Day 2

We pack and send the green beans direct from our facility in Bogotá, Colombia to our roaster in Brooklyn, New York.

Roast: Day 7

Once the bean is roasted in Brooklyn, the flavors and aromas are locked in.

Cup: Day 10

We are the only company in the world that roasts true farm-fresh coffee only 10 days after leaving origin.

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