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What does being a B Corp mean to us? 


What does being a B Corp mean to us?

By Diana Morales Betancourt, Sustainability Manager at Devoción


In the second semester of 2022, Devoción was certified for the first time in Colombia and the United States as a B Corporation. This was a milestone for the company: it meant committing to continuous improvement in all aspects, as well as starting to think about some that were not yet on our radar.

Devoción went from being a company that offers high quality coffee of the utmost freshness to offering coffee that also protects its origin and improves people’s lives, not as advantageous, but merely because it is the company’s duty. We were doing things very well, as sustainability is something that we intuitively began to develop, however, thanks to the rigorous certification process, we identified that some activities had to be complemented, and that certain processes could be improved, as we began to boost metrics that were underperforming, ultimately generating a positive impact. In general, the company’s sustainability strategy was strengthened.

In addition, this certification evaluates the company’s aspects such as its business model, governance, finances, among others. It not only focuses on the socio-environmental pillars that have traditionally been addressed by other sustainability certifications, but it is truly integral to the company’s activities and this makes it possible to mainstream actions and make sustainability a matter for all areas and at all levels.

Today, we are identifying innovative solutions, seeking new partners, strengthening collaborations and, of course, expanding our knowledge of sustainability, because we not only want to reduce our negative impact, we want to exponentially improve our positive impact in all aspects, staring at origin with coffee growers, with our suppliers throughout the value chain and ultimately with our customers, as well as within the company, with our employees and in our internal processes.

Being a B Corporation has been and will continue to be a constant search for improvement and a way to leave a positive footprint on nature and people.


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