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Landscape in Casanare, Colombia 2021

The world is going through what is one of its biggest environmental and social crises. Inequity, poverty, pollution, scarcity and mismanagement of the resources are just a few examples of the problems that afflict us all. For that reason, we must come together as a community and as human beings to direct all our effort towards the same direction, ensuring resources for future generations.

Over the course of the last two years, Devoción started doing its part in listening to the call of both the planet and the society to build a better world for all. That is why our Social Responsibility and Innovation department has established a collaborative network with the community. As of today, several social, environmental and educational projects have been planned and executed, all of which serve the purpose of edifying our coffee-growing community, their families and environment, as well as our group of collaborators who, voluntarily, share their knowledge and experience for the development of those projects. Similarly, several efforts have been made to give a second life to our coffee bags with the goal of implementing environmentally-friendly raw materials for our containers and packaging.

In light of the above, and taking into consideration the need to consolidate the actions that were and are being carried out by the different departments of the company, we took the decision to resume our sustainability strategy and articulate every single effort to act strategically and have a greater impact.

Over the course of this process, we have put together a sustainability team and enforced several activities of reflection and analysis with our stakeholders: Management, Employees, Clients, Suppliers, Coffee-growers, Community, Competition, Legal Authority, Certification Body and Environment. We have carried out surveys, characterizations and materiality assessment. As a result of this activity, we decided to work on five pillars that take into consideration our own priorities and those of our stakeholders: Climate Action, Efficient resources, Circularity, Collaborative and Healthy Environments and Shared Value. Additionally, we defined eighteen goals for the year 2025.

We are aware of our challenges and we want to invite you to join us in the new future that we aim to build, as we continue improving as a company, putting our faith in sustainability as the right way to continue offering the freshest coffee in the world.

Colombia Chief of Education, Jorge Ramos, leading a workshop in the Devoción Knowledge Center at the Normal Superior School in Gachetá, Cundinamarca, Colombia
Olga Mora, coffee producer of La Mariposa from our Women in Coffee series, with Salomon Winograd, our Sustainable Coffee Manager in Venecia, Cundinamarca, Colombia

The full Sustainability Program 2025 will soon be available on our website.

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