$ 40.00

The Kinto Cold Brew Carafe features a mesh insert to hold and filter a liter’s worth of delicious cold brew coffee or tea. When finished, the filter pulls out and your beverage can be refrigerated in the carafe. And its functional lid opens when you tilt the bottle, allowing you to pour from any direction.

Automatically opening lid

The lid opens automatically when tipped, ensuring smooth and easy pouring. It also helps to keep dust out of the carafe.

Enjoy the rich flavors of cold brew

With the cold brew carafe, place ground coffee or tea leaves in the filter and pour water to easily make cold brew coffee or tea. The mesh filter prevents fine powders from escaping.​

Easy to wash

Parts are easy to disassemble and wash. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Product Specs

Materials: glass and BPA-free plastic

Capacity: 1L (33.8oz.)

Dimensions: 3.4” D x 10.8” H