• Plum, Black Grape, Honey, Mint
$ 32.75 | 12 oz
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Notes: Plum, Black Grape, Honey, Mint

Variety: Tabi

Region: Tolima

Altitude: 1,600 m

Hidden deep within tropical cloud forests, in the community of El Rubí, lies the Olaya family farm. Their farm, La Cinta, is truly a model farm for organic growing techniques, fermentation, drying and a host of other farm-level processes. A founding member of an organic coffee-growing association ASOPEP, along with his son Jefferson who is now the organization’s Head of Quality, Norberto and all the members of his family play an important role in their community, leading by example with both their excellence in coffee quality and willingness to share their knowledge. 

El Rubí is a certified organic, honey-processed Tabi varietal, demonstrating the family’s extremely high level of technique. The honey process brings out the coffee’s natural sweetness, producing a full cup with deep notes of plum and black grape, honey, and a subtle, aromatic mint note.