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Cold Brew Guide

Heaven on a hot day. Remember you’ll need to start a day ahead, so check the forecast.

  • Filtron Set
  • Coffee
  • Grinder
  • Scale

Measure out 910g of water.

Place the rubber bung in the Filtron’s hole.

Wet the wool filter and set it carefully in the receptacle at the bottom of the Filtron.

Unfold the filter and place it inside the Filtron. Tuck it to fit.

Weigh out 99g of coffee and grind coarsely.

Add the coffee to the Filtron and tap it to level.

Pour your water over the coffee aiming to ensure that all the coffee sees the stream, and give it a gentle stir

Set the plastic disc filter in place, then set the upper part of the Filtron in place.

Steep for 12 hours then have a friend hold the entire Filtron over your chosen cold brew receptacle and remove the bung. The coffee may take a second or two to emerge—have no fear.

Now enjoy your coffee!

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