• Green Apple, Cherry, Floral
$ 37.75 | 12 oz
Grind Pick from our 9 grinds

Process: Washed

Notes: Green Apple, Cherry, Floral

Variety: Pink Borbón

Region: Tolima

When the specialty coffee industry talks about freshness, they’re referring to the time coffee sits after roasting. When Devoción talks about freshness, we’re talking all the way from origin to cup. Roasting provides only half of coffee’s flavor, while mere freshness of the beans does the rest of the work. And yet, most coffee beans sit around for months, losing flavor every day. That’s why we do everything short of picking the cherry, and faster than anyone else.

This extreme logistical feat of controlling the entire production chain from the moment the beans leave the farm results in extremely vibrant flavor profiles without suffering any deterioration. La Roca is an outstanding example of the impact of freshness before roasting, with crisp and juicy notes of green apple and cherry, and unmistakable floral notes, making for a delightfully bright and complex cup.