• Stonefruit, Panela, Vanilla
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Notes: Stonefruit, Panela, Vanilla

Variety: Castillo and Típica

Region: Cundinamarca

Altitude: 1,750 m

Size: 12 ounces

The Típica trees on producer Martha Obando’s farm have been around longer than she’s been alive. The delicious coffee they produce is common to the region, which is experiencing a revitalization after years of armed conflict. Obando’s role as a leader of the ASOFINCAS association, entrepreneur and mother has contributed to this turnaround, helping people learn more about growing high-quality coffee and, in turn, helping them earn more money for the product they produce.

For this special edition of our “Women in Coffee” series, 5% of sales of La Mandarina will be donated back to Obando so she can continue to grow her coffee farm, allowing her to attain higher sustained revenue in the not-so-distant future and thus greater well-being for her and her family.