Chemex Brew Guide

If you have the freshest coffee on the planet at your disposal, it makes sense to treat it right to get the best from the bean. This is Devoción's recommended recipe brew guide for preparing specialty coffee in an chemex at home.


You Will Need

      • Chemex carafe
      • Chemex filters
      • Kettle
      • 30g Coffee (Medium-Coarse Grind)
      • Scale
      • Timer



Brew Time: 3:30 – 4 minutes

Ratio: 1:11

      1. Bring water to a boil and let rest for 30 seconds.
      2. Grind 30g of coffee on a medium grind setting or weigh out 30g of pre-ground coffee.
      3. Line the Chemex with a paper filter, with the three-layered side lying against the spout.
      4. Before brewing, rinse the filter with hot water and discard. This will also preheat the carafe.
      5. Pour the coffee into the filter and gently shake to flatten the coffee bed.
      6. Place the carafe on the scale and tare.
      7. Start your timer.
      8. Begin pouring in the center of the coffee bed, gently spiraling out and back toward the middle. 60g of water is the perfect amount to saturate the coffee grounds. Allow the coffee to bloom for 30 seconds.
      9. After 30 seconds, start from the center of the bed again and gently spiral out and then back in toward the middle. Allow almost all of the water to drip through the coffee before pouring again. Your scale should read 100g at 1 minute.
      10. Continue the pour pattern, pouring in 50-60g increments. At 2 minutes, your scale should read 200g. At 3 minutes, your scale should read 300g. At 3:30 minutes, your scale should read 330g.
      11. Let the remaining water drip through the coffee. Your coffee bed should be dry at 4 minutes.
      12. At 4 minutes, remove the filter with coffee and discard.


  • You may adjust the grind size to manipulate the brew time.
  • A coarser grind size will decrease the brew time and a finer grind size with increase the brew time.
  • If you are using pre-ground coffee, use less coffee to decrease brew time and use more coffee to increase brew time.