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Aeropress Brew Guide


An innovative device invented in 2005, the Aeropress combines steeping with forced plunging utilizing air pressure. Devoción recommends using the “inverted” method, which is described here.




      • Aeropress
      • Aeropress Filter
      • Coffee
      • Grinder
      • Scale
      • Timer
      • Wooden Spoon

Bring roughly 160g water to the boil. Load a filter into the Aeropress’ cap.

Weigh out 18g coffee and grind it to a fine grind—somewhere between drip and espresso.

Assemble your Aeropress upside down (flared end up, numbers inverted) and place it on a tared scale. Make sure the plunger is marked at 3.

Drip a little hot water onto the filter to help it adhere to the cap, as you’ll be inverting it to attach.

Add coffee to Aeropress.

Add 160g of water making sure all the coffee is evenly saturated.

Gently stir 6 times then place the cap on top.

Let sit for two minutes.

Flip the entire assembly over in one smooth controlled motion to sit on top of a cup or other vessel with a rim diameter smaller than the Aeropress’ flared section. The Aeropress is now “right-way-up.”

Begin applying downward pressure to the upper section of the Aeropress. Be careful when you get to the bottom, as the last liquid exiting the chamber is followed by a hiss of vapor—if you are holding the Aeropress to the brew vessel by the flared flange (as we tend to do) you can scald your fingers.

Your coffee is now brewed and you can now remove the Aeropress.

Now enjoy your coffee!





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