Moka Pot Brew Guide

If you have the freshest coffee on the planet at your disposal, it makes sense to treat it right to get the best from the bean. This is Devoción's recommended recipe brew guide for brewing specialty coffee in a moka pot at home.



moka pot brew guide

You will need

  • Moka Pot
  • Coffee, finely ground
  • Hot water
  • Oven mitt or towel



        1. Bring water to a boil and allow to rest for 30 seconds. Fill the bottom chamber of the Moka Pot just below the steam valve.
        2. Fill the basket with coffee and level the coffee bed with your finger or a wooden stirrer. Place the basket into the bottom chamber.
        3. Tightly screw the top and bottom chambers together. Use an oven mitt or a towel for this step, as the bottom chamber will be very hot!
        4. Place the Moka pot on a medium-low flame, making sure that the flame is directly under the pot.
        5. When you hear a hissing, gurgling sound, your coffee is done!
        6. Remove from the flame immediately and serve.